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The Home Visitor visit the family twice a week, in their own home, for two short (1/2 hour) play sessions, which are run during the (primary) school year only. The family then continue the activities in their own time, thereby enabling the ParentChild+ child and his/her siblings to develop their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

The Role of the Home Visitor

The Home Visitor brings developmentally appropriate books and toys to the home. Each week a new book or toy is introduced, and the Home Visitor models reading and play for the parent and child. The books and toys are given as a gift to the family to continue the learning and to build a quality home learning environment.

On the second visit of the week, the same book or toy is used again to encourage and promote use of the materials. An observational report is written by the Home Visitor after each visit to record the child’s development and family engagement.

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